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April 26&27, 2022: Days of Action

The legislative session ends May 4th and budget negotiations are in the final stages. We need to send a final message to lawmakers to #fixchildcare in the budget. In solidarity we have shown the power of this industry and we can't stop now.

On April 19th, you flooded legislators social media with message and calls to action.  April 26-27 We did it again!  

You sent: 

Social Media Posts


Letters to the Governor and Legislators

Parents, Teachers, Directors, Community Members: You all have a role to play!

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Thank you for sending letters to Governor Ned Lamont and your legislators.

What did you do?

We are in crunch time at the Capitol.  We want you to know that your efforts mattered and your voices were heard. You testified on many bills, you took actions and rallied across the state, but there is more to do!

Right now it is all about the 2023 state budget. There is 124 million dollars in the Appropriations budget for early care and education. The Finance Committee is still trying to free up 200 million dollars to expand infant and toddler capacity.    

We know that it is not close to what we asked for, but it is something to get us through the next year.   


We must keep the pressure up!     There are only three weeks left to make sure early care and education stays in the budget with as much money as possible! 

The goal of the April 19 Day of Action is to get as many messages to lawmakers as possible. Any action you take should include your state senator, your state representative, and the governor.

We know your time is limited. Here are the actions that will make the most impact. Please do as many as you can. Even a few each day will help!

  • Sign up for Action Alerts and follow us on social media. Click to follow:

  • Share Child Care for CT Future social media posts and tag the governor and your legislators.

  • Create (or print) signs with the following messages:

  • If you use Twitter or know someone who does, politicians are most likely to see Tweets and photos there.  On April 26-27, take pictures of your staff and kids with the signs.  Tweet these photos to @GovNedLamont and your legislators. 

    • Ideas for photos:

      • Photos of parents and their kids holding signs (parents holding "I'm a childcare voter" and kids holding "Invest in kids")

      • Staff holding signs ("Lift the revenue cap")

      • Photos of large groups of kids holding "Invest in Kids!"

  • On Wednesday, search on Twitter for the hashtag #ChildCareforCT. Share these tweets and tag @GovNedLamont and your legislators.  Not on Twitter? Learn how to set that up here. Or, share on Facebook and tag Office of Governor Ned Lamont

  • And if you aren't on social media, you can still help!

    • Call Governor Ned Lamont at ​860-566-4840

    • Call your legislators (Click to view phone numbers)

    • Tell them: "Hi, my name is (name) and I live in (town).  Please support early childhood funding this year and lift the revenue cap to create an ongoing revenue stream for child care. Thank you so much for your support of children and families in Connecticut."

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