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Frequently Asked Questions


When are the coalition's meetings?  Will you have meetings at night?
We understand that our members and supporters have all types of schedules and varying levels of interest in getting involved.  Our coalition meeting schedule is ever-evolving to meet the needs of our members and supporters.  Please click here to share your contact info and we will reach out to you with the schedule in the coming weeks.

What about different types of care?   (home based, center based, for profit, school-aged). Will my program or families be included in this campaign?
This campaign is focused on creating a system that works for everyone: all kinds of families, all kinds of care, all kinds of programs.  We encourage you to join the campaign and use your voice to create the system that works best for you, your program, your community, and your families.

This list will be growing over the next few weeks as we hear from you.  Visit again soon!

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