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May 9, 2022: National Day of Action




On May 9th delegates from town Democratic and Republican party committees will gather at separate conventions in each of the 5 congressional districts to nominate their candidate for Congress.

RSVP Here for the District 1 Rally, 6:00 East Hartford

RSVP Here for the District 2 Rally, 6:00 Norwich

RSVP Here for the District 3 Rally, 5:30 Shelton

RSVP Here for the District 4 Rally, 5:45 Norwalk

RSVP Here for the District 5 Rally, 5:30 Waterbury


Connecticut's efforts on March 15 inspired the May 9th #DayWithoutChildCare. Because our local CT programs have already closed during the #MorningWithoutChildCare, we are moving on to the next step, which is to have our voices heard at the nominating conventions. Please see below for more information about the conventions, and RSVP via the links above.

May 9th Events at Congressional Conventions


What is this?

On May 9th parents and child care providers from across the country will be holding a “Day Without Child Care” to call on Congress to include child care funding in the budget reconciliation. This action was inspired by CT’s March 15th Morning Without Child Care.  Rather than ask Connecticut providers to close again, we noticed that our members of Congress will be in their districts that evening for the party conventions that will renominate them to run for reelection.


On May 9th we plan to greet the convention delegates as they arrive.  Connecticut’s delegation in Congress has been supportive, but we want them to push hard to get child care in budget reconciliation, which may be our last chance to move this at the federal level for several years.Why will child care providers, parents and kids be going to these conventions?

First and foremost, we know that the members of Congress will be there.  Second, the delegates who will gather to nominate them for reelection are among the most politically connected people in the state.  We’ll be looking for new friends who can help us move our child care agenda with our Representative in Congress as well as next year when the state legislature starts on a new biennial budget.

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