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Meet The Team

Eva Bermúdez Zimmerman

Coalition Director

Before working for CCFCT, she worked as the CSEA SEIU Local 2001 Childcare & Organizing Director where she fought for affordable childcare.


She has 16 years of organizing experience helping communities gain wider access to childcare & healthcare and improving the lives of working people.

Allyx Schiavone


Allyx has 30+ years of experience in early childhood development and elementary education. She and her team established Friends Center for Children as well as the acquisition of four school facilities.


Allyx has received many distinguished awards and appointments, such as from the Bank Street College of Education and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.



 Steffi is a community advocate and mother of two young children. Steffi co-founded “Somos Uno” humanitarian organization to help young children in need of school supplies and resources.


Currently, she serves as child care organizer for SEIU CSEA Local 2001. Steffi previously owned and operated a home-based childcare.

Coordinating Committee

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