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Petition to Gov. Lamont!!

Child Care for Connecticut's Future is ready to act.

Many of you are feeling great frustration, despair and anger over the omission in the Governor’s proposed budget of any funding relief for the early care and education system. I know many of you have been wondering what we can do to advocate for ourselves, our families and the industry. It will take many actions, many people, and a united front to get the relief and support that is desperately needed for programs to survive, and for families to have access to early care and education programs. Here is the first step!

The Child Care for Connecticut's Children campaign has drafted a letter to Governor Lamont describing the early childhood crisis and voicing dismay at his proposed budget. Spread through your networks! We would like to get as many signatures as possible from each of you. You can share with staff members, other providers, parents, allies, friends, family and anyone who is interested in an early childhood system that is able to thrive and keep the doors open for families across the state. Click below to read the letter and sign on. There is also a way to share easily on social media. Here is the link again!

If you have not yet signed up for the CCFCT campaign, please do so. Click this link: scroll to the bottom and you can sign on and get updates and information about upcoming advocacy actions, and how to become more involved.


Eva Bermudez-Zimmerman


Child Care for Connecticut's Future Coalition

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